Brandholmen, Nyköping: 180-200 rented apartments

About the project: 

At Brandholmen, Nyköping Savana owns the properties Koggen 1, 2 and 3. Here 180-200 new rented apartments of approx. 15 000 m2 gross area are planned.

Brandholmen is right by the water, 2.5 kms east of central Nyköping. The area is a first class location for housing and is being developed. The apartments will be separated from the water line by green areas. In the vicinity is a small boat harbour, Rosvalla Eventcenter and a food store. A number of schools will be built in the vicinity in the years to come.

Nyköping is about an hour’s commute from Stockholm by car or train, and with the planned Ostlänken line the train journey will take about 40 minutes.



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