Housing Projects

Since Savana’s foundation in 1983, the production of high-quality housing has been an important part of the company’s activity.

Since 1983, Savana has completed a large number of apartments under its own management. Of these, a large proportion have been attic apartments. This long history means that Savana has developed a strong niche expertise with an understanding of those aspects of reconstructing original attics, such as logistics, building techniques and not least the specific problems arising in building projects where the tenants of the apartments occupy the building during the period of construction.

Savana has completed a number of total reconstructions of apartment buildings in Stockholm and converted to condominiums, for example Tången 4 near Liljeholmsbron Bridge, which comprised 38 apartments.

Savana’s portfolio of commercial properties provides a good balance to the production of apartments by means of a stable balance sheet and even cash flows.