Property Management

Savana carries on traditional rental management and property development under its own aegis, primarily in the areas of health and social care and commerce.

The company owns ten properties in the Greater Stockholm area.
Tenants include municipalities and municipal companies, Stockholm County Council and ICA AB. The existing stock of real estate has potential for development amounting to approximately 160,000 m2, primarily in Löwenströmska Parken.

The company has a solid in-house construction competence, which proves useful both in administration and development of properties.
Those properties Savana acquires will typically possess some kind of development potential in the form of change of use, increase in rentable floor area or the like. As Savana is privately owned and thinks long-term, the development opportunities do not need to be in the immediate future.


Property Gross, m²*
Hammarby 1:16 (”Löwenströmska Parken”) 31 955
Måsholmen 3 & 4 (”Skärholmsterrasserna”) 15 750
Söderby 2:60 & 2:61 (”Brandbergen Centrum”) 14 496
Plommonträdet 5 (”Telefonplan, Midsommarkransen”) 7 497
Gurkan 1 (”Vintertullstorget”) 6 397
Kulltorp 3 (”Tantolunden, Södermalm”) 5 790
Glaven 10 (”Stadshagen, Kungsholmen”) 4 417
Jordbromalm 6:11 (”Jordbromalm”) 4 242
Kopparen 11 (”Tyresö C”) 3 547
Tången 4 (”Liljeholmsbron”) 1 526
TOTAL (approximate) 95 000

* The figures are approximate