Plommonträdet 5, Midsommarkransen

Plommonträdet 5, situated close to Telefonplan in Midsommarkransen, was acquired by Savanagruppen in 2014 from Hemsö. In recent years, the property has been used as a care home and home for dementia sufferers as well as for residential apartments.

The buildings around the property mainly comprise apartment buildings on two or three floors. Using the underground and the E4/E 20 motorway around the corner it is possible to reach most destinations quickly.

The shopping centre provides all kinds of services, such as, for example, a bank, a chemist’s shop and a grocery store. Within walking distance there is also the popular Svandamm Park.

Property name Plommonträdet 5, Midsommarkransen
Address Valborgsmässovägen 18-20
Area of property (gross) 7 497 m2
Area of site 5 831 m2


  • Rental of premises

    Rental of premises

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