Kulltorp 3, Stockholm

Kulltorp 3, situated close to Tantolunden on Södermalm, and was acquired by the Savana group in 2014 from Hemsö. The property in its entirety contains a care home for dementia sufferers and somatic care with the City of Stockholm as tenant.

The area benefits from a communication location with the majority of the available transport alternatives, by which means it is possible quickly to reach the city’s various nodes.

The property is close to green spaces on Årstaviken and near Tantolunden and close by there are pre-schools and schools.

Property name Kulltorp 3, Södermalm
Address Tantogatan 19-21
Area of property (gross) 5 790 m2
Area of site 1 922 m2


  • Rental of premises

    Rental of premises


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