Glaven 10, Stockholm

Glaven 10, which is situated in Stadshagen on Kungsholmen, was acquired by the Savana group in 2014 from Hemsö. The property in its entirety contains a care home and accommodation for dementia sufferers with the City of Stockholm as tenant.

The area has a very attractive residential location and benefits from good communications by both bus and underground.

Stadshagen is beautifully situated with in part wonderful views and is close to green spaces and some local services. Within walking distance there is Fridhemsplan with a wide assortment of commerce and services.

Property name Glaven 10, Kungsholmen
Address Stadshagsvägen 5, Welanders väg 5
Area of property (gross) 4 417 m2
Area of site 2 392 m2


  • Rental of premises

    Rental of premises

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